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 The First War : Kerplunkistan Vs The Europan Union

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PostSubject: The First War : Kerplunkistan Vs The Europan Union   Tue May 23, 2017 1:24 am

With lines drawn and temper flare
embers roast in preperation
the savages roar and prepare for war
the banner wave, doth the sun does glow
on the backs of our mighty hero's

The Silver order and the Warrior of Drake
Standing side by side
In the light of the battlfield,
nearly none afraid to die.

In the name of the King, O Julian Lasher
In the name of the Matriach O Avonilie Kel lornin

We Fight!

Agreed Rules For the war with Kerplunkistan:
If you are defending ally, it does not pull you into the war to be attacked
But, if you attack, you pull your guild in.
3 hour rule (vs norm 6hr)
War lasts one week
Surrender must be announced in GM channel
If aggressor guild seeks shelter in a claim; that claim is fair game to be attacked if RP is involved demanding surrender of the person.
If aggressor seeks shelter in a guild involved in the war, then the claim is automatically brought into that fight regardless of offensive approach.
War will last for one week, then revisit to decide if the war shall continue or end.
If it is decided to end at the end of one week, then no side owes anything regarding surrender.

Looting of dead
All items may be taken except tabard.
GM’s will not address Dry loot complaints

(Prepare you swords, and gear, I hope you have all practiced fighting as I recommend, with and without armor. because armor runs low quick, and spears become the resource of champions.)


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Duncan Moray

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PostSubject: Re: The First War : Kerplunkistan Vs The Europan Union   Tue May 23, 2017 4:53 pm

Got my pc back just in time!
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The First War : Kerplunkistan Vs The Europan Union
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