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 The Charter of Felucca

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PostSubject: The Charter of Felucca   Fri May 05, 2017 2:39 pm

Per Zhang Fei The Consulor wrote:

*Server Rules*
1. All GM decisions are final.
2. Don't be a dick, try to be courteous. PVP doesn't give you permission to be a dick.
3. No racist, sexist, vulgar language, shit talking, insulting another player in chat or in game. Cursing is allowed but keep to a minimum.
4. Only one character. Other characters will be deleted and can lead to a ban.
5. Use common sense. If you think you shouldn't do it, you probably shouldn't do it.
6. GM assistance is requested through Discord or a Forum post.
7. English in global.
8. Global is O.O.C. (Out of character).
9. No fighting in global.
10. Remove your stumps. Stumps may create unpleasant consequences for you.
11. No building or terraforming on the big mountain.
12. Do not metagame (If your character wouldn't know it, don't use it.)
13. Do not claim over clay pits if you do your monument is subject to being downgraded or removal.
14. Names must be lore and RP friendly, all names are subject to approval and change.
a. Names can't be famous , names must not be titles IE "John the Farmer, Darius the Ruthless or unofficial titles IE, Duke, Lord, or Duchess. Names can't be objects IE, Stump of Ravenhold, Arm of Avalon. Names may not be innately offensive. Family or guild sir names are allowed IE, Wilber of Westford, Varis of Highguard. This is an RP server please name your avatar appropriately. Names may be changed by GM's if it is in their opinion that your name is outside these conventions.
15. RP messages in global should be sent back and forth with carrier animals or other RP methods.
16. Use horses at your own risk. They will not be replaced if they glitch out.
17. No PVP may be initiated on government approved trade roads. Approved trade roads will be marked on the map.
19. All rules are subject to change. Please check back frequently for rule changes.
20. No tree walls, trees must have a space between them.
**Server Combat Rules**
21. KOS at night AND off claim only.
22. Looting your body after you die is an aggressive action and they can attack you again.
23. Combat logging is not allowed.
Horses that are used in combat or have a rider on them CAN be killed.
25. Only tables are allowed to be used to scale walls.
26. Camping settlements is not allowed. R.G.P. 6 hours. (Staying outside a claim and taking hostile actions against claim members will lead to a ban)
27. Yielded characters must not be killed but knocked out.
28. Looting primitive items is not allowed.
29. Strip/Dry looting is not allowed.
30. Battle porting is allowed.
31. Fleeing from combat into a safe zone or water is not allowed.
32. Using the barter/trade function to disrupt combat is NOT allowed
33. All combat must be initiated in Local chat with RP. You NEED to have a legitimate reason to attack the person. (Collecting taxes or killing for your gods are not accepted as RP) (After the initiation voice chat can be used to continue the scenario)
34. Should a person be afk, you are allowed to knock them out and take their stuff. You must wait 90 seconds for a response.(The 90 second rule applies)
35. All characters must be given at least 90 seconds (1.5 minutes) to respond via chat or actions. What constitutes as a response from the character that has been initiated on is:
  a. If the victim runs, or responds in chat.
  b. The victim tries to port home.
  c. The victim draws a weapon.
** Server Region Rules**
36. Tabards are required or you can be seen as a bandit and open to KOS. Any emblem design is allowed. Colors schemes are as follows;
  a. Europa- Green
  b. Catskills- Red
  c. Oceana- Blue
  d. Drachen Fels - Purple
  e. Siege Perilous - No Tabards
37. No PVP on Avalon.
38. Siege Perilous is KOS friendly at all times. If ANY of your claim falls into Siege Perilous boundaries, your ENITiRE claim is subject to the Siege Perilous Ruleset
39. The designated commerce area is no PVP at any time.
40. Must have a RP reason to go to war with another claim.
41. IF IN THE SAME REGION - Leaders from both claims involved will be required to talk to a GM to set ground rules for the declared war.
42. Travelling to a foreign region may be construed as an RP act of aggression.

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The Charter of Felucca
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