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 The Kel Lorin Mandates

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PostSubject: The Kel Lorin Mandates   Fri May 05, 2017 2:32 pm

The Matriach and House Concil wrote:

Rule 1# All member are exspected to Follow ALL server rules

Rule 2# Theft and/or Vandilism of Property will not be tolerated, please stay out of Private estates/property unless invited by the Resident

Rule #3 Representing the Guild : The Silver Order of the Pheonix, is an Honorable Guild and in thus we expect the members of the Order to act as such. Respect Friend and Foe Alike. Work Together as a Team. If problems arise between member and it result in a duel, Set Terms and announce the duel in discord(with terms) so that the guild may come observe and see the end of disagreements

Rule #4 In Case of Combat/War : This is a Feudal Life, and War/combat is inevitable, in the case it Arises ,All combat prepared members are expected to help protect and fight the City of Emberwood. Anyone found Avoiding defense can be punished. Combat Coms are to be respected. Leadership of the fight will be run by the Commander. If there is no Commander Present it falls to the highest ranking member of the Guild Online.

Rule #5 Have Fun and dont be a dick!

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The Kel Lorin Mandates
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