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 The Origins of Emberwood and the Silver Order

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PostSubject: The Origins of Emberwood and the Silver Order   Fri May 05, 2017 1:56 pm

LoreKeeper Alana Yrsa, Grand Maester of Emberwood wrote:
   War raged on outside the walls of the Inner Sanctum. The few left in the church knew that the walls would not hold the invaders at bay and were preparing to fight for their life, most likely in vain. Their leader, mad with grief at losing his home, ordered his people out into the slaughter. Lady Avonillie kel Lorin prayed to the gods for mercy as she stood fast beside her people one last time. The trebuchet launched its deadly missile, and the last stone wall crumbled beneath the onslaught. The rush of warriors into the Inner Sanctum quickly devolved to chaos and the church was outnumbered. In the chaos Lady Avonillie looked to the sky one last time. She saw a streak of light as a shape fell to the land in the distance. She was filled by a musical cry that brought inner peace.

   After the warriors left the rubble that was once a mighty church, the few survivors looked to a man they trusted in these times of confusion. Gospodin Nikolay was a man of few words and unwavering honor. Without knowing what would happen or where they would go, Gospodin gathered the survivors and floundered, searching for direction. In a quiet conversation Lady Avonillie told Gospodin of her vision and the song that had filled her soul. Gospodin vowed to keep Lady Avonillie safe as she searched for the fallen star. Thus the Silver Order was born. Lady Avonillie had given these people direction and purpose once more.

After several weeks of traveling, following the star, Lady Avonillie woke with a start in the middle of the night. She could hear the song clearly, and knew she was close. Without waking anyone she streaked off into the night and came across a silver egg sitting in a clearing, crowned with a silver phoenix pendant. The forest near the egg was charred, and the grass was blackened. This was what had streaked through the sky; this was the fallen star. With a shout of excitement Lady Avonillie raced back to her friends and woke all of them; she had found their new home.

   Their new town was named Emberwood, in dedication to the trees that had given their life to breathe hope into a down-trodden people. The pendant was to be worn by their new matriarch, Lady Avonillie kel Lorin. The egg was nestled in a trade cart to keep it safe and warm while Emberwood was built and the Silver Order of the Phoenix became a force to protect it.

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Duncan Moray

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PostSubject: Re: The Origins of Emberwood and the Silver Order   Thu May 11, 2017 12:31 pm

Me likey
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The Origins of Emberwood and the Silver Order
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